“Never Forsaken: God’s Mercy in the Midst of Miscarriage” Book Review

“We are never forsaken in the midst of our suffering and loss. God’s Word provides us with comfort and assurance that He is surely with us, even while we pass through the fires of life.”

In this devotional book published by Concordia Publishing House, Deaconess Kathryn Ziegler Weber explores the journey of grief for women who have experienced early infant loss. She draws upon her own experiences and the experiences of eight other women as they talk about about their journeys of grief and finding hope and comfort in the Gospel of Christ. She guides her grieving reader through the questions, the doubt, the shame, the hurt, and the loneliness and points us to the cross of Christ where we receive the only true comfort and hope: the comfort of God’s mercy because of His Son’s death and resurrection.

I read this book as a grieving mother and also as as deaconess. This is not an easy book to read, because we experience and hurt along side nine other mothers.

For those of us that read this book as a mother who has lost a child due to early infant loss, no matter how long ago, the stories are so similar that we read it as if it is our own. But we are not left without hope as we read. There are devotions, scripture, and hymns to comfort us along the way helping us to heal and look towards our loving Savior.

As a deaconess, I have looked forward to this book to be published. It is a much needed resource to use with grieving mothers (and fathers) who have lost their young children.

To all the pastors out there, I recommend this book as well. It helps to provide the prospective of women who have had early infant loss and can help give you the words, scripture, and hymns to help care for grieving couples in your congregation.

We are not alone. We have a loving Savior who intimately knows our grief and we have sisters in Christ who weep with us in our loss as we look forward to the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come.

(Weber, Kathryn Ziegler. Never Forsaken: God’s Mercy in the Midst of Miscarriage. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 2018.)

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